MPT Consultancy sources aero-derivative gas turbine parts at most competitive prices!

Gas Turbine Parts

Deregulation has brought many gas turbine operators in a very competitive business environment. As a result, maintenance budgets have been tightened. Therefore, more and more operators are turning to alternative sources for their gas turbines parts and services. MPT Consultancy sources parts from the world's largest stocks of new and overhauled parts for aero-derivative gas turbines. We help you to keep your turbines operational within your maintenance budget.

Off-the-shelf parts are available for the following engines families:

  • GE LM500;
  • GE LM1500;
  • GE LM1600;
  • GE LM2000;
  • GE LM2500;
  • GE LM2500+;
  • GE LM5000;
  • GE LM6000;
  • RR / Allison K501;
  • RR / Allison K570/571;
  • RR Spey;
  • RR Avon;
  • RR RB211;
  • P&W GG3/FT3;
  • P&W GG4/FT4;
  • P&W GG/FT8;
  • P&W ST6;
  • P&W ST18;
  • Garrett 831;
  • Vericor / Allied Signal TF40;
  • Solar Centaur
  • Solar Mars;

If you have problems finding the right parts for your engine, please contact us for a very competitive offer.

For more information, contact Alexander Harsema-Mensonides, general manager.
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