Marine Propulsion Consulting

Shipping is the heartbeat of the global economy, which makes shipping more immediately vulnerable to economic changes than other sectors. That's why MPT Consultancy puts the long term economic aspects of the propulsion solution in the first place. What does the picture look like if the fuel price doubles, the cargo rates implode or both at the same time? Today's exciting propulsion solution could become tomorrow's costly mistake. We think propulsion solutions should provide the flexibility to weather a storm and keep you ahead in the business.

Over the years MPT Consultancy has developed a specialization in the application of gas turbines in marine propulsion. MPT Consultancy can supply a wide range of services involving gas turbines for marine propulsion:

  • Technical feasibility studies;
  • Economic feasibility studies and through-life cost calculations;
  • Preliminary design studies and concept development;
  • Comparative studies including other propulsion plants, e.g. diesel, diesel electric, steam turbine, fuel cells;
  • Maintenance and reliability studies;
  • Drafting of technical and commercial specifications for tender procedures;
  • Review of tender bids, bid selection and contract negotiations;
  • Project management;
  • Supply of new, overhauled and rotable spare parts;
  • Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) tendering.

Our services are aimed at all parties in the shipping community:

  • Naval architects:
    • Gas turbines have a profound impact on the design and layout of a vessel. Economic consequences are far reaching as well. We support the design team with technical and economic data, advice and can be of assisentance in generating ground breaking solutions;
  • Owners / Operators
    • Recently gas turbines have made headlines in the marine business, but is your operating profile suitable for gas turbine propulsion?
    • Diesel and gas turbine manufacturers habitually contradict each other, but where lies the truth? MPTC has both diesel and gas turbine knowledge available to help you make an informed decision on the propulsion plant for your next vessel;
    • Many technical departments within shipping companies are headed by former chief engineers with vast diesel experience, but limited gas turbine exposure. We can introduce the gas turbine basic and their implications for day to day operations;
  • Shipyards:
    • New technologies bring a requirement for additional design and engineering competence. Many yards find it too costly to retain a large engineering staff. MPTC brings gas turbine plant design and engineering competence on an ad hoc basis, just hire us when you need us. This way you get the job done and you keep your overhead low;
    • Gas turbines come in all makes, types and sizes. Which one is right for you? Is there and alternative. With indepth knowledge of the market, MPTC can help you put together a short list and negotiate a better deal on the equipment you need.
    • What are the implications of gas turbine propulsion for the construction of the vessel, the installation of the power plant and commissioning of the systems?
  • Equipment manufacturers:
    • MPTC is in daily contact with the marine community. Newbuilding projects, design studies and conversions are opportunities to propose your your products. MPTC can help you be there when it matters.