MPT Consultancy provides gas turbine propulsion solutions for LNG shipping business
Gas Turbine Improves LNGC Economy

"SK Summit" delivered in 1999 by Daewoo HI in KoreaMPTC has been pioneering the application of gas turbines in LNG shipping. Aero-derivative gas turbine propulsion can reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%, while cargo capacity increases by up to 17%. The increased cargo capacity, combined with lower operating and building cost, creates up to USD. 300M in additional revenue over a 20 year charter. Click on the LNG Carriers link to find out more.

Over the years, MPTC has developed a number of aero-derivative gas turbine based propulsion arrangements for LNG carriers. In 2001, a comparative design study by leading LNG consultant Marine Service GmbH of Hamburg, Germany, confirmed the economic viability of our gas turbine propulsion arrangements. Now these propulsion arrangements have been significantly improved in terms of overall thermal efficiency, thus increasing additional revenue to the operators. In March 2003, MPTC has made an comparative performance study of various makes and types of commercially available aero-derivative gas turbines in LNG shipping. A sample of the very surprising results can be viewed here. To get all the facts and figures, order the Gas Turbine Propulsion in LNG Shipping Report from MPT Consultancy.

When it comes to gas turbine propulsion solutions for LNG carriers, MPT Consultancy is number one, worldwide! Contact us and see what we can do for you.