MPTC Introduces QuickScan

QuickScan is designed to assist you in getting the best return out of product introduction in the marine market or expanding into new regional marine markets. Before committing substantial resources to the product introduction, let MPT Consultancy run QuickScan to determine its potential in the target market. Under the QuickScan program, we will review your project's target market potential and compile a report within a week. QuickScan is a fixed price service, costing EUR. 5,000 per project. If later, you engage the services of MPT Consultancy again within the same project, EUR. 2,500 will be credited against the next invoice.

International marine sales and marketing is a tricky business and there are many ways to spend a lot of money without any return. Here are just some of the examples we've seen in recent years:

  • The product or service simply does not perform according to specifications;
  • The product does not comply with applicable rules and regulations in the marine industry;
  • Sloppy company presentation, negligent customer inquiry follow-up, chaotic order handling and late delivery;
  • Non-existent after-sales and shortage of parts;
  • The home market differs so much from the target market that the current set of marketing instruments doesn't work:
    • Target market is saturated and consequently demand is very low (selling snow on the North Pole);
    • Target market price level is lower than the cost of the product or service;
    • Well established local producers of providers provide better quality products or services at comparable price levels;
    • Percieved benefits of the product or services are of no value in the target market;
  • The accountant fixes the product pricing (non-market conform pricing) and the lawyer handles the marketing (list of disclaimers is longer than the user manual);
  • The sales force have too little knowledge of and respect for local customs and consequently manage to enstrange themselves from their potential customers;
  • Introducing technology that the market is quite ready for yet;

The marine market is a multi-billion dollar market, but its rules and regulations can be very confusing to new entrants. Class regulations, national maritime authorities, SOLAS, there are so many obstacles to negotiate before the product can be introduced on the market. MPT Consultancy has been engaged in the marine market for a more than a decade. Our experience is your competitive advantage.

QuickScan: Optimizing the use of your valuable resources!