Fatigue Causes Damage and Loss

MT "Prestige" sinkingHull fatigue is playing an important role in many shipping disasters and MT "Prestige" is one of the lastest examples. Hull fatique caused by the cumulative effects of dynamic stress is a common problem in tankers, bulker carriers and container vessels. MPTC introduces the SENSFIB fiber optic hull stress monitoring system, developed by Norwegian fiber optics specialist Light Structures. SENSFIB continuously monitors hull fatigue development. SENSFIB provides real-time information on the actual hull stress loads during cargo operations, while ballasting and at sea, allowing the crew to prevent damage or even loss of the vessel and cargo.

OBO "Lassia" sufferring hull fatigueHull stress loads and hull fatigue development data can be used to the benefit of the crew, owner, the charterer, Class and P&I clubs. Prevent cargo loss in heavy weather using SENSFIB. Schedule preventative maintenance instead of having to salvage and repair. Reduce you P&I rates through fewer claims. Class surveys can be performed more effectively. SENSFIB might not be the cure for all evils, but it helps in avoiding cargo loss and hull damage. For more information please click here.